Thursday, December 26, 2013


Religion bets on achieving sight through metempsychosis. Through "acting" as truth. only "acting" like it, not "being" it. It is like learning how to draw the letters without really understanding their meanings, in an ignorant devotion, until one day you notice the order, and collect it together, to be able to read the sentence, it is a reversed approach. This bet involves risk, the risk of being caught in the devotion of learning how to draw the letters, rather than reading them, or seeing through them. In this case, religion is accused of covering truth with truth, or rather, focusing on parts of it only. The result is that one "thinks" he found it, and at that moment, it is lost. From another point of view, maybe it is the element of risk and doubt that is the very key to sight. It has to be lost in order for it to be found, and realization, unity, sight, reincarnation or "metempsychosis" (call it what you like) could "really" occur.

we incarnate to realize our incarnation, not for anything else. Reincarnation does not mean inhabiting different bodies through different lifetimes, it means different lives reincarnating "in" truth. Through that realization, we surpass our existence, into a state of non-existence, unity, om, enlightenment (call it what you like).